Summer break is finally here!

Whether you’re traveling for summer break or a fun weekend trip with your friends- your carry on is essential to a good flight! We’ve put together a list of our carry on essentials that will make your flight go a little smoother.

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Carry on…

Angel Named Grace

Tote or Backpack

You need to make sure you have the perfect size tote or backpack for your flight to fit all of your belongings! Here are some cute bags linked below!

  • Makeup Bag

    Make sure to get a clear makeup bag, we’ve linked our favs below. So, what’s inside?

    Tinted moisturizer, mascara, press powder, makeup sponge, mini eyeshadow, deodorant, lip balm/lipstick, hand sanitizer, hair ties, lotion, feminine products, contact solution

  • Electronics

    Headphones, phone charger, portable charger

  • Etc.

    Sunglasses, glasses, sunglasses/glasses case, scarf, gum, snacks